Mighty powerful scripting

Mighty easy to use and oh so convient. Scripts for Indesign, I already told you about Marijan Tompa ’s Interactive Shortcuts Guide (over 1,400 hits already) and if that wasn’t enough, this guy came up with another magical script that will structure your InDesign documents right from the start!It adds layers to your new InDesign document. Not just some lyers, no you can choose from different (preinstalled) sets or go crazy and modify the sets yourself!

How does it work (RTFM):

  1. Download the .zip file, unzip it and put the folder in Applications/InDesign CS5/Scripts/startup scripts
  2. Reboot InDesign
  3. Open Layers panel and popup menu
  4. Choose”Activate tomaxxiLAYERS©”
  5. Create a new document
  6. Choose your set
  7. Finished!

Have fun! Be sure to read the Quickstart document if you want to modify your sets or even add a few yourself! Oh and by the way, it works with InDesign CS4 as well, just be sure to put it in the right folder.

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