Mac only… QuickLook preview .indd

Mac only this time. I love the QuickLook option in Mac OS X Leopard and SnowLeopard. It gives you the ability to, well quickly look (duh!) through your files, it generates a preview of the file itself. “Only” thing missing for me was a possible preview of my InDesign files. In the InDesign prefs you can make InDesign save your file with a preview but what good is it if you can’t see it? Other than this beautiful icon not much of use right? Well from today you can preview your InDesign documents via QuickLook. I did some websearching and it turns out that Jenny Hofer from Germany created a plugin for QuickLook called “inddQLgenerator”. All you need to do is download the .dmg, open it and put the plugin in: ~/library/QuickLook (~ stands for your own user homefolder ) or in Dutch: ~/Bibliotheek/QuickLook (~ is je eigen gebruikersnaam (huisje)). If the folder “QuickLook” doesn’t exist, just create one. When you’re done log out or, even better, reboot your Mac. Navigate to a folder containing some .indd files and be sure to turn on QuickLook.

Now you can see a nice preview of your InDesign file right? Oh wait, it doesn’t look that good?

Well probably you’ve selected a file that isn’t saved with a preview. So be sure to enable that feature in your InDesign prefs (InDesign ->Prefs->File handling->Saving InDesign Files) (Dutch: InDesign->Voorkeuren->Bestandsafhandeling->Opslaan van InDesign bestanden). I reccomend you set it to the biggest size possible (1024×1024). Open the file and save it again, go back to the Finder and try again, now you’ll have a big nice clear preview of that same InDesign document!

I tested this on Mac OS X 10.6.6 with InDesign CS5 files. Oh and thanks to Jeroenim0 for getting my attention to this option 😉

11 thoughts on “Mac only… QuickLook preview .indd

  1. This kind of plugin makes me so happy 😀 I have an oodleplex of ID-files on my server and it’s not always easy to find the one I need, this makes wading through them a little less time consuming!

  2. Great post and comments. We at Markzware have for years been preflighting, recovering and converting digital DTP files, including Adobe InDesign. Recently we came out with PageZephyr, which goes a step further than a preview or report like FlightCheck can offer, but allows you to see the full, stylized text.

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  4. Dear Friends,
    It seems that you haven’t come across a product ADOView developed by MetaDesign Solutions.
    Which allows to to preview your InDesign, InCopy, AI, Quark, ASE, EPS, PostScript etc. files not just that but also allows you to see the Metadata associated with those files with some other useful controls as well for better viewing.

    Edit: I’ve removed url and email adress. I think the visitors of this blog are fully capable of finding your product. Anyway, thanx for the extra info 😉

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