Make your InDesign styling easier

Many of you work with different types of “Styles” in InDesign, (those of you who don’t, I”l deal with you later!), good thing about those styles is you don’t have to “reinvent” them everything you need one. You can import styles from other InDesign document or even into the application so it will be the default styles for any new document you create. So this works easy from within InDesign itself. Just go the the Alineastyles panel and choose “Import styles..”, choose the right source and you’re done right? Yeah you’d think so but what about your Table and/or Cell styles or you Object styles? You can import them just the same way by going through the different panels and import those styles. But wait! What about an automated script which let you choose what to import and set the import policy as well?

Today is your lucky day! I created the “Style Import” script. Well euh..let me rephrase that. Marijan Tompa (what a busy busy guy!) wrote a post about this one last august. You can find his post here . I was very happy when I read it but there was no actual script, just a bunch of lines of code. Lucky for me (and all of you), Adobe ships the ExtendedScript Toolkit within the Creative Suite. So it was litteral a matter of copy/paste and save this script. It works like a charme! Just download the script and put it in the right folder (voor de nederlandse versie van het script kan je hier terecht).

There are two places you can install scripts in InDesign: The application folder and the user script folder. The easiest way to find these folders is to open the Scripts panel in InDesign (Window > Tools > Scripts), then right-click (or Ctrl-click with a one-button mouse) on either Application or User. We tend to use “User” for scripts that we’ve downloaded, but it’s up to you and the permissions you have on your computer. From the context menu, choose Reveal in Finder (or Reveal in Windows Explorer). Inside the folder that opens there is a folder called Scripts panel. Put your scripts inside that folder.

Any script inside this Scripts Panel folder will show up immediately in InDesign. No need to restart the program.

Extra info:

There are two things I still need to work on, you can call them bugs but I prefer the term “missing feature”. First one: It won’t work if you don’t have any open document. Second one: I’m trying to find a way to import all styles at once. If any of you scriptguru’s can figure this out, please feel free to adjust the script and return it so I can update this one.

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