Mick’s Adobecadabra Monday

Mondaymorning May 23 2011 DeLaMar Theatre Amsterdam

We started with a great lunch at DeLaMar Theatre with, what do you know? A broodje kroket!! Met fellow nidugmembers, our chapter leader mr. Guy van der Kolk (who still doesn’t own an iPad šŸ˜› ) and of course the guys from Adobe User Group (AUG), Bert, Owen and Niels. So after lunch we all went into the theatre where Bert Hagendoorn did a small introduction on AUG and their need of new boardmembers and volunteers. Sorry can’t help ya there mate, NIDUG is a busy as it is! Then mr. Serge “Flash(…ahaaaaa)” Jespers took the stage first at the CS5.5 Evolves event in Amsterdam. He gave us a Device Update during a VIP event. Well VIP, it was only available for Adobe User Group members. There are a lot of new mobile devices out now and that means that designers and developers need to publish their content in different ways. Adobe has done a nice job for all those Flash designers/developers out there in the creation tools. He did a nice presentation in English, why not in Dutch? Simple, in a room with 300+ people there were about 2 or 3 who weren’t native Dutch speakers. What a service! Serge couldn’t help himself when he was bashing Apple (again) for the “Flash” war. Very proud to see some companies who are putting the Flash player logo on their device boxes. Grow up Serge, you know why Apple refuses Flash and they have damn good reasons for it. And yes my iPhone 2G is still running and beating the s**t out of a lot of new “smart”phones. Why is nobody telling us what the batterylife for the Playbook is? Everybody, including RIM, is telling me: “We haven’t tested that yet”. Yeah right… šŸ˜‰

After a short break it was time to see/hear/watch the Adobe Evangelist team. Because I attended the online Connect Pro meeting, I already knew what was coming so it was a great opportunity to sit back and learn from the pro’s on how to give a presentation. Terry came up and showed some new features of InDesign and Photoshop, they were CS5 features so no news for me there apart from the tip to use masking for making the content aware fill work even better. Simple but very effective, well that only works if you don’t forget to save the picture, right Terry?

Next up Greg Rewis who showed off Dreamweaver. First a great tip to earn extra time and money from your boss or client to get their sites HTML 5. Sorry I’m not gonna share this one it’s too secret. As they say: You should have been there. Very nice features in CSS3 to get design pretty in fast and elegant way. As we are all lazy designers, except for those who aren’t lazy enough to raise their hands!

Ā© Terry White

Jason came on stage and was blowing away everybody’s mind with the specs of the Mothership Laptop he was using for his demo. Still can’t believe HP is giving him nothing for a great commercial break (sound effects not included). He did some nice real time stuff using the upgraded Mercuryplayer. I’m no videoguy but it looked really awesome. Last guy to show his stuff, well Adobe’s stuff, was the brand new Evangelist Paul Trani, he did a good job. Flash (a-haaa) is not realy my cup of coffee (tea is for… never mind). But is was a good job. After the break, the guys did some more stuff, just too much to tell y’all about it. As far as the InDesign stuff, Terry showed the improved export to ePub (including video) and the advanced anchored objects in InDesign CS 5.5, he also did a bit on digital publishing which I will tell/show you in another blogpost. You can see more pictures on the Adobe Benelux Facebook . I also want to thank the Adobe User Group for a great event and thnx for the t-shirt!

Needless to say I had a great time and it was really nice to have all Evangelists sign my NIDUG businesscard. I met up with the guys again at their hotel, which coincendently was the Barbizon and the place for next two days of WoodWing Experience, and had nice talk with Jason, Terry and Greg. Thnx again guys and Jason, I’ll contact you pretty soon about our “Secret Mission”!!

So that was Adobecadabra Monday, next up WoodWing Tuesday!

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