Masterpages, a downgrade feature request for InDesign CS6


The brilliant folks from InDesign Secrets came up with the InDesign Wishlist. You can add your wishes/feature request for InDesign. I entered this Masterpage reference “bug”/”feature” already to the list. You can find it here, please vote for it! FYI: This doesn’t mean Adobe is executing these wishes. But all little things help I guess 😉

Masterpages are essential to use in long documents. I use them all the same because it saves time and they leave less room for error. It’s very easy to adjust or create new masterpages in InDesign but since CS4 (and CS5/5.5) there’s this thing that bugs me. It’s about the references on masterpages. Let me explain by showing you examples made in different versions of InDesign. Let’s start by creating something new in InDesign CS5. For demo purposes I just create a 4 page facing pages document with two masterpages. Masterpage A and P. P stands for Pagenumber, that’s the only item that will be on that Masterpage. Masterpage A is based on P (so we get the pagenumbers) and has some placeholders for images and 2 column text frame.
So this results in this view in the pagespanel, the arrow points to the little P, which tells us that Masterpage “A-2column” is based on “P”.

So take a look at Master A, looks great right?

Click on picture for bigger view

Now I’ll show you the same page I created in InDesign CS3. I did everything the same except for the blue bar on top of the pages just to create a small difference in view:

Click on picture for bigger view

So what the difference? Well just look in the bottom left- and rightcorners and you’ll see that in CS5 the reference says “A” and in CS3 it says “P”. Ok, no big deal? Well if you work with large documents (catalogues, books) which have numerous of different masterpages since CS4, it can be really hard to determine on which masterpage a particular masterpage item originally is located! In CS3 I can see right away that this pagenumber stuff comes from Masterpage P. I can’t see that in CS4/5/5.5, as far as I know maybe the red bar on top of the page comes from Masterpage P! And this is only in a document with just 2 masterpages, just add another masterpage B, based on A with a 3 column text frame. This will in CS4/5/5.5 look like this pagenumber is on that masterpage B. But in CS3 it will still show you right away it’s original on Masterpage P! Tiny little bugs aren’t they?

Please dear InDesign developers can you fix this again? This is my downgrade feature request for InDesign CS6 😉

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