Magnificent new feature InDesign CS6 ?!?

At Adobe MAX there’s always the so called “sneak peeks”. Short presentations, video’s, demo’s about new technologies and/or features which (may*) turn up in the new versions of the software. For example the Content Aware Fill feature has been showed prior to implementation in Photoshop CS5. As you might know, my main focus is on InDesign. Since the arrival of the iPad and other tablets, Digital Publishing took off like a rocket! It’s been a interesting and bumpy ride so far and I’ve already written stuff about this subject.

One of the major problems you run into while creating content for these tablets is the difference in screensizes and/or aspectratio. It almost feels like returning tot the early days of web when you had to create several sites for several browsers and screensizes. If you want to design and publishing to the tablets using InDesign, you have to create separate files for separate tablets. A real pain in the …. ! Can’t this be done differently? Of course! A solution could be if all manufacturers choose the same size and aspect-ratio for their tablets (iPad would be my pref 😉 ). But we all know that’s not going to happen. Enter the InDesign dev. team: Watch the clip and be amazed by the “Liquid Layout” feature.

You can watch the other Adobe MAX 2011 sneak peak clips on Adobe TV . Don’t forget to check the awesome “de-blurring” feature for Photoshop!

I really hope this Liquid Layout feature will be part of the next version of InDesign. It will certainly make life much easier for designers and DTP-ers to get their publication(s) on tablets!!

*Mind you: may. It’s not certain that shown features/technologies will end up in new software or as a separate application!

4 thoughts on “Magnificent new feature InDesign CS6 ?!?

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