My predictions on publishing for 2012

First of all, let me take this oppurtunity to wish you all the best wishes for 2012! May your InDesign documents be creative, pretty and error-free 😉 I guess this coming year will be another year in which the publishing business will take some detours and will show more diversity.

First up: ePub & eBook publishing

I’m not really into ePub publishing (yet) but I try to pay attention to the stuff that’s been made, said and done. I think more and more people will step into the eBook publishing as getting stuff published is getting easier and faster almost by the day. There will be a variety of sites, apps and sellingmodels to get you into the eBook publishing. More and more freelancers will join the party. The Self-publishing and eBooks are here to stay and even (maybe) will take over the eBook industry. As readers want to get interactive, the author’s site can and will be a great tool to get promoted and increase sales.

But is this eBook stuff evolving in the “right way”? How about the interactive possibilities that are already possible or coming to this platform? Isn’t that just a step towards the Digital Magazines on the tablets as we know them now? This brings me right to number two:

Digital Magazines on tablets

Let’s face it, of course there are numerous tablets on the market but there’s one leader that shows the way and that’s iPad. So I focus (first) on iPad and maybe later on other devices (Android/Windows Mobile).

Last spring 2011, I wrote “More thoughts on Digital Tablet Publishing” what has changed since then? Well for starters the two biggest players at that time, Adobe and Woodwing joined forces. A huge (dramatic?) shift of powers? Hmm that remains to been seen as still both parties are aiming for the big agencies/publishing houses for big turnarounds and many publications. But there’s a glimpse of “hope” for small companies and designers. So for 2012 my prediction is that more agencies or even freelancers can and will put out various digital magazines. The tools are there, the pricemodels are (almost) clear and easier to compare so what’s stopping you? Maybe wait on InDesign CS6 coming this spring in a download near to you? Well just make sure you own a copy of InDesign CS5(.5) first or else you won’t be able to upgrade! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Furthermore, 2011 was the year of the devices. 2012 will be all about “The Return Of Great Content” and it’s up to you to choose on which device(s) you will be present soon or in the near future. Just remember where your audience/customer is.

“Traditional” publishing/printing

Despite all the new technologies and devices, people still want to read “real” books and get that nice smell of fresh paper in their nostrils. There’s nothing wrong with that and it will always be a part of the publishing/designer industry. So don’t forget where you came from and keep those designs coming and printed. I predict that it will be a more specialized share with nice books and magazines with that special touch through 3d printing or amazing finishing options that are still being developped.

So there you have it, my small predictions on publishing for 2012. Feel free to join the conversation by sending your thoughts or comments!

Oh and by the way, thank you for reading my blog in 2011, I hope to contribute even more in 2012.

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