More Clouds coming your way…

This year (end of April/start May??) Adobe will release the newest version of their Creative Suite products. My guess, it will be called Creative Suite 6 😉 But let’s get serious, this is no news (yet). Of course this new version will have stunning new features. Personally i’m hoping on the “Liquid Layout” feature for InDesign that was shown during Adobe MAX last year. During MAX, Adobe also announced the “Creative Cloud”. Well haven’t we’ve heard that Cloud stuff before? And isn’t this just “another” Dropbox?

What’s Adobe doing “in the Cloud”? Just another way of extracting money? We all know their software isn’t the cheapest and still the pricing models for Europe are ridiculous. “Luckily” they did listen and changed the “upgrade policy” for upcoming CS6. Subscriptions on software seems to be the new rage. The Creative Cloud is offering that aspect and, of course, storage of documents. Nothing new right?

No not really to be honest. I did try the “Creative Cloud” and it’s no more than getting some files online in one or more “collections” in a “whopping” 20Gb storage space. If you “Share Link” from Creative Cloud, you don’t get the file. You get a preview of the file on a webpage. So that’s not helpfull in a cloudbased workflow to work with others. I know, it’s still beta and i’m just using my Adobe ID and paying nothing but hey, this is just a “Must-Have-To-Show-Off” feature if Adobe wants everybody to join that Creative Cloud, to (I quote)

  • Community training and support. Get answers to your technical questions or access members’ wisdom on the best way to tackle a new project.
  • Social capabilities. Connect with peers, share your work, and inspire others.

Or wait… Raise your hand if you use (or ever used) the “CS Live” services. That’s working great yeah? Hmmm not quite, I see a lot of news about servers being down, updates not working and more. So how’s Adobe gonna fix this? Just at a “affordable membership starting at just US$49.99 a month (based on a one-year commitment).” Let’s get back to just the storage, Dropbox offers a 100Gb for $19,99 a month with more features (effective  filesharing!). The real advantage of using the Creative Cloud is in the apps. Not the desktop versions of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and other Creative Suite familymembers. Not even in getting Muse or having the latest technologies (updates) really fast. Just take a look at Adobe Labs because I don’t think a “Creative Cloud” subscription will mean a Beta tester status. It’s about another family that joins forces with designers: Adobe Touch Apps Family

This is really (imho) what the Creative Cloud is about. Getting your InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop files on your tablet device and interact with them suing multiple apps. Use Adobe Debut to give a presentation just show your customer what’s you’re working on. No need to setup laptops, making sure you brought the right USB stick or cd/dvd. Use Adobe Ideas to create vectordrawings, work with layers, files you can adjust in Illustrator and/or Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Touch quickly combine images, apply professional effects, upload to your Creative Cloud and adjust everything with your desktop Photoshop. There’s more, prototype a website, make a wireframe with Adobe Proto. Yes, the Creative Cloud is coming and I think it certainly can make a difference in your workflow.

Is it worth the $49,99 a month (apart from buying those apps at $9,99 each)? That’s a tough question, I guess it depends on your personal situation/workflow. It looks promising and I think there will be more info available when the “Creative Cloud” hits the stores. Minor detail, not all Touch Apps are available for iOS and that’s something Adobe has to work on! Hard and fast! So there will be “No more cloudy days” 😉

More info: Creative Cloud FAQ

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