My thoughts on Creative Cloud

The Creative Cloud has been updated and in such a way that it’s here to stay. First let me get back to the “beginning” of the Creative Cloud when CS6 was announced. At that time it seemed it was just a choice between paying more for applications you’d never use anyway. What was the point of owning a copy of Premiere Pro if you only used the Design Standard Creative Suite right? Yes, it was like that but the ball game has shifted. Since Creative Cloud was launched members already got more benefits than they signed up for. I believe it was within a month suddenly Lightroom was added to the Creative Cloud. Which by the way has been chosen as “Best App for 2012” over their own Aperture. But Lightroom was just the beginning. Now it’s clear what a Creative Cloud membership gives you more. You own Photoshop CS6? In a “boxed version”? Congratulations you just got the 13.0.2 update which which added support for HiDPI (Retina) displays. Oh wait Creative Cloud memeber just got the 13.1 UPGRADE that not only brings the HiDPI upgrade but gives you:

  • Smart Object support for Blur Gallery and Liquify
  • CSS support for web design, which allows users to easily export CSS code for text and objects, and also import color codes from HTML and CSS files to Color palettes,/li>
  • Conditional Actions
  • Crop tool refinements
  • 3D enhancements including improved live (OpenGL) previews of shadow effects, additional control over illumination using a 32-bit color picker to create glow effects, image-based lighting enhancements and enhanced details for textures.
  • If you want this in your “boxed version” you have to wait until CS7 is available. It’s that dead simple and I even haven’t started yet about Muse! There is so much to tell about Muse, I’ll leave that for another blogpost (yeah, yeah soon, I know…)

    What really got me smile was the Creative Cloud for Teams!
    100GB of cloud storage per user (versus 20GB for the individual Creative Cloud offering), well that’s the icing on the cake because the easy use of the centralized administration for the deployment of new seats (users), as well as centralized billing and efficient license management are awesome!
    A new nice bonus is the addition of Creative Cloud Training. Availability of training videos (AdobeTV) and some exclusive videos by Kelbytraining video2brain will give you that small/great edge in knowing new stuff when it’s ready! But keep in mind, nobody can replace real person-to-person training so don’t forget your Adobe Experts Training Centres.

    Still not on the Creative Cloud? Just give it a spin! For free! Yes for free, give ALL applications a 30 day trial. Or even longer for apps that are still in developping like Adobe Edge. Just go to the same place where you can sign up!


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